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Gatha Hymns recited for the departed (Gasan awar vitartakan Khvanend)

The Yatha-ahu-vairyo formula is to be recited five times; the Ashem-vohu three times; the Fravarane, the recitation pertaining to the part of the day [[gah]] whatever it may be; the grace [[baj]] to be recited in order to hold silence to be taken by reciting the formula of grace of the Srosh Baj; the Ahunem-vairim-tanum-paiti formula; the Yatha formula one time; the hymn Kem-na-Mazda up to 'izhacha'; Nemo-ve-Gathao-ashaonish; the hymn Ushta-ahmai-yahmai (Y43) up to the end; the hymn Tat-thwa-peresa (Y44) up to the end; and the hymn At-frakhshya (Y45) up to the end; the Yatha formula to be recited twice; the grace to be recited.

May this be of a good end!


I, servant of the Faith, Marzpan Faritun Vaharam wrote this from the copy which Ervad Ardashir Vaharam-sha Rustahm Vaharam-shat wrote in the land and city of Kerman; I too wrote it in the city of Kerman.

May it have a good end! May it be so! May it be even the more so! May the Light of the holy and good Religion of Mazda-worship be triumphant! May it be according to the will of God and the Beneficent Immortals!

(Avesta) Ashem vohu vahishtem asti.
Piety is excellent wealth.

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