Mss. B, beginning of Book 9.

Details of Nasks 1-3, 21 (The Original Gathic Texts)

Translated by E. W. West, from Sacred Books of the East, Oxford University Press, 1897.

This volume contains detailed contents of the Gathic Nasks of the Ancient Canon, much of which is now lost in the original Avesta. Note however, that (as Dr. West says) "it is abundantly clear to the practised translator that Avesta phrases often underlie the Pahlavi passages which seem to be quoted at length from the original Nasks, especially in Dk. 9; but, for some of the details mentioned, there may be no older authority than a Pahlavi commentary, and this should be ever borne in mind by the sceptical critic in search of anachronisms."

Introduction (1)

1. Sudgar Nask (gathic/religious)

2. Warsht-mansr Nask (gathic/religious)

3. Bag Nask (gathic/religious)

21. Stud-Yasn Nask (The Original Gathic Texts)

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