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Video and audio tapes on Zoroastrianism

Tapes from Marzban J. Giara

Dhunmai Building,
667, Lady Jehangir Road,
Dadar, Bombay 400 014.
   Tel.: 412 03 71

Audio cassettes of Zoroastrian prayers, religious discourses, and music. US $ 5.00 each, plus postage Now, you and your family can listen to these audio-cassettes leisurely in the comfort of your own home OR gift them to a friend, a school, a library so that more and more people can share and benefit from the knowledge. Given below is a list of nearly one hundred cassettes. You have the choice. Select the talks by some of the finest scholars of Zoroastrianism who dedicated their lives in spreading knowledge and in the service of the community.


  1. Zoroastrian Daily Prayers (a set of two tapes) by Ervad Dr. Peshotan F. Peer
  2. Zoroastrian Prayers and Meanongs by Ervad Dr. Ramiyar P. Karanjia.
  3. It's Navjote Time songs and prayers (set of 2 cassettes) by Zoroastrian Studies
  4. Muktad Prayers
  5. Behram Yasht and Hormazd Yasht
  6. Jashan Prayers


  1. Zoroastrian Melodies - songs in praise of Ahura Mazda and Zarathushtra
  2. Devotional songs
  3. Songs for festive occasions
  4. I'm proud to be a Zoroastrian (Children's songs in English)

3. RELIGIOUS DISCOURSES (E=English, G=Gujarati) A. By the late Ervad Dr. Minochehr Dadabhai Karkhanawalla (scientist and religious scholar)

  1. Zoroastrianism and modern youth (E)
  2. The excellence of Zoroastrianism in the light of modern science (E)
  3. The significance of sudreh and kushti (E)
  4. Dokhmenashini - the Zoroastrian method of disposal of the dead (E)
  5. The importance of science in the study of Zend Avesta (E)
  6. Bahman Ameshaspand (G)
  7. Homage unto Zarathustra (G)
  8. Bandagi - the meaning of true prayer (G)
  9. The concept of God in the Gathas and other ideas (G)
  10. Date and teachings of the prophet (E)
  11. Zoroastrianism as seen from the scientific point of view (G)

B. By the late Dasturji Navruz D. Minochehrhomji, M.A., B.Ed., High Priest, Fasli Atashkadeh

  1. An introduction to Zoroastrianism (E)
  2. The relevance of Zoroastrianism in the modern world (E)
  3. Is Zoroastrianism in conflict with modern science? (E)
  4. Ten points to determine the validity and strength of a religion - the concept of God - idea of duality (E)
  5. Sudreh - Kushti (E)
  6. The confession of faith (E)
  7. Festivals (E)
  8. The Gahambars (E)
  9. The significance of thirty days of each month in the Zoroastrian calendar (E)
  10. Asha (E)
  11. Scheme of Hamkars (G)
  12. Ahunavairya (E)
  13. Kem-na Mazda (G)
  14. Mah Bokhtar Niyaesh (G)
  15. Avan Niyayesh (E)
  16. Atash Niyaesh - Part I (E)
  17. Atash Niyaesh - Part II (E)
  18. Hormazd Yasht - Part I (E)
  19. Hormazd Yasht - Part II (E)
  20. Ardibehesht Yasht (E)
  21. Haptan Yasht - Karda 1 (E)
  22. Haptan Yasht - Karda 2 (E)
  23. Haptan Yasht - Karda 3 (E)
  24. Farvardin Yasht (E)
  25. The philosophy of Yasna (G)
  26. Afrinagan ceremony - Part I (E)
  27. Afrinagan ceremony - Part II (E)
  28. Man, Soul and his condition (E)
  29. Myth, Legend of wives of Zarathushtra (E)

C. By the late Dasturji Kaikhushru M. Kutar, M. A.

  1. A true religious life (Khari dharmik jindagi) (G)
  2. Message of Asho Zarathushtra (Asho Zarathushtrano paigam) (G)
  3. The importance of religion in life (Jivanmaan dharmanu mahatva) (G)

By late Dasturji Khurshed S. Dabu, M.A., FTS (former high priest, Wadiaji Atashbehram)

(1 and 2 in English, rest in Gujarati)
  1. Fundamentals of Zoroastrianism
  2. Religion in daily life.
  3. What is happiness?
  4. The rationale of fire worship
  5. Bahman Ameshaspand
  6. Our religious scriptures
  7. What is wealth?
  8. Prophet Zarathushtra and his status
  9. Guidance to the community
  10. Our ancient characteristics
  11. Science and religion
  12. Youths
  13. Important ideas of Zoroastrianism
  14. Bandagi
  15. Questions and answers
  16. Ashem, Yatha, Yenghe Hatam
  17. The Zoroastrian confession of faith (Deennu Ekrarnamu)
  18. Atash Niyaesh - a commentary
  19. The Yasna ceremony
  20. The Gathas
  21. The Nirangdin ceremony
  22. The purpose of ceremonies
  23. The purpose of life and death
  24. Fravashi
  25. Atmani diksha
  26. Kriya Marg
  27. Lessons from ashirwad [asirvad] ceremony
  28. The religious aspects of marriage sacrament
  29. Five gahs in the evolution of man
  30. The sevenfold constitution of man
  31. Self-Discipline
  32. Man's noble destiny
  33. Reincarnation
  34. The changing world
  35. Atashna kebla najdik upajta vicharo
  36. Bhaktimarg - path of devotion
  37. Why ten days of muktad w.r.t. scriptures?

E. By late Dr. B.S. Surti

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