Dahman refers to the deceased; according to Modi 1937, p. 367, they are "the pious, the good, who had long since departed from Gayomard, the Peshdadian King, to Asfandyar of the Kayanian dynasty."

Note: Mills SBE omits this Afrinagan.

1. Yatha Ahu Vairyo...(2).
Ashem Vohu...(3).
I profess myself a Mazda-worshipper, a follower of Zarathushtra, opposing the Daevas, accepting the Ahuric doctrine.

(Here recite the appropriate Gah dedication.)

With propitiation of the Dahman Afrin of the good ones and the strong wise one with higher intellect, for worship, adoration, propitiation, and praise.
'Yatha Ahu Vairyo', the zaotar should say to me
'Yatha Ahu Vairyo', he who is the zaotar should say to me
'Atha ratush ashatchit hacha', the Asha-sanctified knowing one should say.


2. May these blessings of the Asha-sanctified come into this house, namely, rewards, compensation, and hospitality; and may there now come to this community Asha, possessions, prosperity, good fortune, and easeful life, and the long enduring prominence of this Religion, which is Ahuric, Zarathushtrian.

3. Now in this house may the cattle not be tainted, nor the Asha, nor the strength of Asha-sanctified men, nor the Ahuric doctrine.

4. May the good, prosperity-giving, holy, Asha-sanctified, fravashis come here, accompanied by the healing virtues of Ashi, to the width of the Earth, the length of the rivers, and the height of the sun, to give the possession of good things, for the overthrow of misfortunes, and the advancement of riches and fortunes.

5. May Hearkening (Sraosha) overcome disobedience within this house, and may peace overcome discord, generosity overcome greed, reverence overcome rebellion, and honesty overcome falsehood. May Asha conquer the fiend,

6. so that, in it the Amesha Spentas may receive, through Sraosha, companion of Ashi, good acts of worship and prayers of praise; good in reverence and adoration, the abiding offering, the joyous offering, and the devotional offering, until the time of the final harvest.

7. Let the comfort-giving good fortune never forsake this house, nor the comfort-giving riches, nor comfort-giving noble offspring, with long lasting company of what bestows paradise and good rewards.
Ashem Vohu...(3)!

Verses 2-7 = Y60:2-7.


8. To Ahura Mazda, rich, possessing good things. Blessings on the rulers of the land, for greater strength, greater victory, greater rule, greater sovereignty, compassion, long rule, enduring physical vitality, and health.

9. (Blessings) to Ama, well-built, fair of form, to Verethraghna, made by Ahura, and to the triumphing Uparatat, completely repelling malice, completely conquering the hostile malicious adversary with a blow.

10. Blessings so that he may be winner of the battle, victorious over every malicious adversary, over every evil adversary, faulty in thoughts, words and deeds.

11. (Blessings) that he may be victorious through timely thoughts, words, and deeds; to suppress all the evil-minded, and all Daeva-worshippers, so as to attain to good reward, and to good renown, and to long happiness of my soul.

12. Blessings for long life, for the desired life, for the service of Asha-sanctified people, and for the disservice of ill done deeds - the best existence of the Asha-sanctified, the luminous, offering all blissful. Thus may it come as I wish.
We praise good thoughts, good words, and good deeds, performed here and elsewhere, now and in the past. Thus we glorify and invoke all that is good (2).

I yearn for good mind. May Peshotan son on Gushtasp come to my aid, may he accept my prayers, may he shine for me. Thus may the holy attain long life and may their desires be fulfilled.

May this Afrinagan and Khshnuman reach the Yazad Dahman.

May the knowledge, promulgation, and glory of the good Mazdayasnian religion spread throughout the seven regions of the world, through speech, righteous persuasion, the good kingly authority and justice. So be it.
Yatha Ahu Vairyo....
Ashem Vohu...!

13. Yatha Ahu Vairyo...(2).
I desire worship and adoration and strength and force for the Dahman Afrin of the good ones and the valiant wise one with higher intellect.
Ashem Vohu....
May we all be one in Asha.
Thus may it come as I wish.
We praise good thoughts, good words, and good deeds, performed here and elsewhere, now and in the past. Thus we glorify and invoke all that is good.