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A true Scholar of Zoroastrianism, Dr. Kersey Antia is the Zoroastrian High Priest of Chicago, Illinois, a position he has held since 1977.

He attended the M.F. Cama Athornan Institute in Bombay for 9 years where he received an award for excellence, and became an ordained priest at the age of 13.

He studied Avesta and Pahlavi in secondary school and at the University of Bombay . While in college, he received essay-awards from the K.R. Cama Oriental Institute, and has served the community as a volunteer priest ever since his first job as a Tata officer in 1960.

(Source: http://www.vohuman.org/Author/Antia,Kersey.htm )

The Argument for Acceptance in Zoroastrianism. Also included is an appendix on the status of women in Zoroastrianism (2015). (FREE download -- PDF) [pdf] Copyright © 2015 by Kersey Antia, used with permission.


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